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A Podcast for everyday disciple-makers that desire to look to Jesus as their model for life and ministry. This show will offer practical, timely and relevant conversations around disciple-making in today's context. More information check out
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Dec 16, 2021

This week we're talking about caring for your soul with Trey Van Camp. As leaders we must be sure that we are spending time with Jesus so that we can lead others well. Trey talks about his journey with spiritual disciplines and how he incorporates the practices into his own life and helps others to do the same.

Trey is a pastor, church planter and YouTube creator from Arizona, where he resides with his wife and three daughters.

Links from the show:

Trey's YouTube

Celebration of Discipline (book)

Mansions of the Heart (book)

Invitation to a Journey (book)

Dec 2, 2021

Today we discuss where is your identity with Micah Foster. It can be easy for ministry leaders to find identity in our ministry roles, but what happens when, whether by our choices or the choices of others, our ministry role changes. We talk about Micah's ministry journey and where God is leading him now.

Micah has been a youth pastor and a church planter. He resides in Fresno, CA with his family and is launching into a new venture as an entrepreneur. 

Links from the show:

Micah's YouTube channel

Roaring Lambs

Email Micah

Nov 18, 2021

This week we are talking faithful leadership with Daniel Goble. We discuss being faithful where God has called us, walking with people through the hard times, and how hard moments in ministry can lead to potential breakthrough.

Daniel is the associate pastor at Grace Evangelical Free Church in Colville, WA where he has served since 2009. He has a Masters in Theology and a Masters of Divinity and is wrapping up his dissertation for his Doctorate in Counseling and Psychology.

Links from the show:

Grace Evangelical Free Church

GC Designs

Daniel on Facebook

Boundaries (book)

Nov 4, 2021

We're talking about the power of story with Gwynne Gardner today. We discuss how sharing stories of what God is doing in our lives is a powerful tool. We also learn about how Josiah Venture is using stories from their team and what God is doing in Central and Eastern Europe.

Gwynne has served with Josiah Venture in Slovenia and Czech Republic since 2011 and is currently their Social Media Manager. She has a desire to see the gospel advance through the media highway and to use social media as a platform to tell young people across Central and Eastern Europe all about Jesus.


Links from the show:

Josiah Venture Stories

More about Gwynne

Jesus, the Middle Eastern Storyteller


Oct 7, 2021

This week we talk about following in His steps with Dave Noden. It is a great conversation with a man who spent his life following after Christ one step at a time. Dave's faithfulness to the assignments that he's had from the Lord are truly encouraging.

Dave served with African Inland Mission for many years and in 1967 traveled by ship to their assignment in Africa.

Show links:

Africa Inland Missions

How "Knowing Him" impacted my life

Sep 16, 2021

This week we talk about reproducing disciples with Bill Hodgson. The conversation covers how to equip folks in our ministry to make disciples, the problem with some evangelism training, and how to move from a ministry mindset to a moment mindset. Thanks for checking out the episode.

Bill is the National Strategy Director with Power to Change in Australia. He teaches and trains on disciple-making movements. He also the Making the Shift podcast.


Making the Shift (podcast)

Church Movements

Discovery Bible Study

Aug 16, 2021

This week are talking about an unhurried life with Alan Fadling. This audio is from a message Alan gave at D•Conference 2020. It inspires us to take a look at Jesus and learn from his rhythms.

Alan has been a pastor and spiritual director and runs Unhurried Living ministries.

You can buy An Unhurried Life here.

Podcast with Bill Perkins about The Jesus Story

Podcast interview with Alan Fadling

Aug 5, 2021

This week we talk information vs. inspiration with Joshua Verwers. There is great value in knowing what scripture says. But how do we move people from knowing to doing? How can we help them go beyond information and live like Christ?

Josh is a vlog pastor from Iowa. He has been on staff at his church since 2007. He has also been investing in digital ministry since 2018 where he encourages people to live by faith.

Josh' website

Vlog style sermon

Jul 1, 2021

Bill Perkins has been a pastor for over 25 years and has written or cowritten over 20 books. Today we sit down and talk about The Jesus Story, a blending of the four gospel accounts that Bill helped put together.

You can find more information at or follow his blog at

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